[Mono-list] mono istallation

Tracy Barlow tracy@aic.net.au
Sun, 04 Apr 2004 08:57:40 +1000

 > I'm not a linux user and I don't inted to be, but I really need mono =
 > badly to run ASP.NET in my Intranet
 > I have try every way to intall mono on a windows machine, and it's =
 > imposible, I installed cygwin and try to acces the anonCVS but it keeps =
 > asking me for a password (it's suposed to be anonymous!!!!) I 
downloaded =
 > Mono and try to follow the tutorial and nothing work, don't you have an =
 > easy windows installation.
 > or is there any other alternative for me????

I have been programming MS OSs for the last 10 years.I simply used the 
Mono Windows installer, downloadable for Mono 0.31 at 
http://www.go-mono.com/download.html , but I'm not an MCP, what would I 

What I can't understand is why you need Mono specifically. the .NET 
runtime and the .NET framework are free downloads.

 > because I'm sick and tired of this command line stuff, scripts and all =
 > (that why I'm a windows user after all!!!)=20

Being an MCP can't be all it's cracked up to be, I reckon.

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