[Mono-list] Documentation - how do I offer help?

Patrick Kirk patrick@kirks.net
Sat, 03 Apr 2004 21:11:15 +0100

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> hello,
>>The documentation on the go-mono page needs attention.  If anyone's 
>>interested, I'd like to help.
> Which part?
> Erik Dasque wanted to look at this (edasque@ximian.com)
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I've specific suggestions and a general offer to help.  The specific 
suggestions are:

1. Linux installation instructions truncated part way through binary 

2. Debian instructions ask you to go to Debian planet when "apt-get 
install mono" on unstable is enough.  (Also Debian Planet goes off air 
at times).

3. Some navigation help, links to home page, etc. in a standard header 
would be nice (and easy to do).

4. The mod-mono instructions at http://www.go-mono.com refers you to 
http://www.apacheworld.org/modmono/ which refers you back to 

The general offer to help with documentation stands.  I'm learning C# 
and so the subject is of interest.