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Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Sat, 03 Apr 2004 08:53:06 -0600

Hola Juan:

I am both a Windows user and a Linux user -- it's all good  :).

MONO 0.31

You probably want to install the Mono Windows installation self 
extracting executable routine that can be found here: 

It is an installation routine similar to the ones you may be used to 
from InstallSheild setup routines.

In one of the early screens you will be prompt for a destination 
directory.  If your windows installation is in good health, it will 
probably pre-populate the destination directory with C:\Program 
Files\Mono-0.31 or something similar -- I personally think that spaces 
in paths regardless of OS are evil, so I do c:\mono\Mono-0.31 on all of 
my Windows systems.

Continue with the installation until it is finished.


Next you may want to install GTK# 0.17.  The folks that give us GTK# 
have just released 0.18 but I have not tested it yet in Windows and as I 
write this there didn't seem to be a windows installer package for GTK# 
0.18.  You may find the 0.17 package here: 

Unzip the contents of the file and you should find another very nice 
installer for Windows.  Once you begin the installation routine you will 
be prompted for a destination directory.  You will want to match it with 
the destination directory you used when running the Mono Windows Installer.

Continue with the installation until it is finished.


-- Some users have reported missing dependencies like msvcr70.dll when 
running the most important entry point files for Mono (mcs and mono).  
Soon I will post in this list a place where you can get these files but 
in the meantime.  You should be able to obtained them from computers 
that are running Windows and had Visual Studio .NET 2002 installed. 
-- Another problem that some people experience has to do with some 
problematic dll maps.  Should you have used the path I suggested above, 
you can go to c:\mono\Mono-0.31\etc\mono and delete or rename the file 
config.  That should give you a very nice Mono environment -- it is 
nicest in Linux :D -- to play with.
-- The last technical note I want to share with everyone is that some of 
the key Mono executables have very clever batch files created during the 
installation and placed in the directory where your %windir% environment 
variable points to.  In the batch files an instance specific environment 
is setup  so the Libraries (dlls and such as well as other binaries) are 


So if you want to compile from a console created by running cmd.exe  -- 
if you invoke it with cmd /f:On /e:On you will have some command line 
completion by pressing Ctrl + F -- you would do somethihg like:

d:\data>mcs -o:MyApp.exe -r:System.dll -r:System.Xml.dll AssemblyInfo.cs 

d:\data>mono MyApp.exe


If you don't have the money to buy MS Visual Studio you may want to 
consider using #develop from the folks at ic#code.


Linux has come a long way to please even the most GUI loving MS Windows 
user.  If you ever try a great distribution like Red Hat 9.0 running 
Ximian Desktop 2 you would know just what I am talking about.  I insist 
on you giving the soon to be released SuSE 9.1 -- the first Novell 
influenced SuSE release -- a try.  Once you couple a good Linux 
distribution with Red-Carpet you would find that getting and operating 
Linux, Apache, Mono, GTK#, MonoDevelop and good database support is as 
easy as working in a Windows environment.









Hope this helps...


Juan David Gomez Arenas wrote:

>I'm not a linux user and I don't inted to be, but I really need mono badly to run ASP.NET in my Intranet
>I have try every way to intall mono on a windows machine, and it's imposible, I installed cygwin and try to acces the anonCVS but it keeps asking me for a password (it's suposed to be anonymous!!!!) I downloaded Mono and try to follow the tutorial and nothing work, don't you have an easy windows installation.
>or is there any other alternative for me????
>because I'm sick and tired of this command line stuff, scripts and all (that why I'm a windows user after all!!!) 
>Juan David Gómez A.
>Medellin, Colombia
>Microsoft Certified Professional
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