[Mono-list] C# SOAP implementation - AXIS

Ales Pour ales.pour@systinet.com
Thu, 1 Apr 2004 09:24:56 +0200

> From: "Mahen Perera" <mahens80@hotmail.com>
> As u have already mentioned, the existing ASP.net web services
architecture is tightly integrated
> to .NET and cannot run without IIS. AXIS, on the other hand is an Open
Souce effort and will run on the

BTW, this is not quite true - you do not need IIS _at all_. All requests to
ASP.NET are just passed to (.NET's) HttpRuntime, IIS - more or less - only
provides HTTP transport to ASP.NET. You can easily write your own transport,
be it HTTP (eg. Cassini project), or anything else (eg. some MQ).

    Ales Pour