[Mono-list] Compiling PocketPC .NET binaries with Mono

Steven Brown swbrown@ucsd.edu
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 22:44:38 -0800

In order to compile PocketPC .NET binaries using MS .NET but without
Visual Studio, I can extract and rename the .NET dlls from the Compact
Framework's .cab for ARM and compile with /nostdlib using the procedure
documented at http://dotnetdn.com/without-visual-studio/ :

csc /t:winexe CFHelloWorld.cs /r:system.dll /r:mscorlib.dll
/r:system.windows.forms.dll /nostdlib

However, trying this with Mono (0.26) on Linux with a command like:

mcs /t:winexe test.cs /r:System.dll /r:mscorlib.dll
/r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /nostdlib

fails with tons of 'not defined' errors for core elements like "error
CS0518: The predefined type `System.Void' is not defined".  Is there a
way to do this with Mono currently, or anyone have an idea as to what
code changes would be required?

Here are the dlls in question from the Compact Framework if you want to
try it yourselves (subject to MS's EULA in there too):

Regarding related discussions, I found this thread last month that seems
to have died right as it reached this point: