[Mono-list] OpenGL in mono

Simon Waite simon@psionics.demon.co.uk
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:35:40 -0000

Csgl is windows only (at least it was last time I looked)

There are linux GL bindings in cvs.

I've briefly looked at Tao, but havent touched it at all,
so I can't comment on its suitablilty.

However there is a large performance hit if you plan to just
throw Polygons at opengl, you'll need to play with vertex lists
to gain any real performance gains. It'd also help to have had
a fair bit of OpenGL experiance in C/C++ too.

My flirtation with C# and OpenGL was rather unsuccessful, and
I've ended up using an off-the-shelf solution ( ogre.sf.net )
which sped my little project up quite a bit :-) There are only
python bindings and the C++ api, as far as I can see, though 
I'm not going to wrap it in C# bindings due to lack of time :-)

Anyhow back to my regular scheduled lurking :) :)



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> So I thought I would just see if anyone else has had this working and
> has words of wisdom.  
> I looked at CsGL http://csgl.sourceforge.net/ but it seems to be
> abandoned
> I looked at Tao http://www.randyridge.com/Tao/Default.aspx but he
> says it uses all P/Invoke and go-mono says to stay away from those.
> So, I am gonna start messin around with these but before I do I 
> was wondering if anyone else on this list had any recommendations
> etc. :)
> Thx,
> Doug
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