[Mono-list] Windows version didnt work...

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:46:20 -0200

>From: "Kristoffer Arfvidson" <kristoffer.arfvidson@home.se>

>When do you think you will have the VB.NET version ready for mono??

VB.NET (vbc) compiled applications should already run, only some late-bound 
support may be missing.
Our mbas compiler in the other hand needs love, but is schedule to be 
released with Mono 1.0, half-way thru 2004.

>I mean, so I can run VB.NET programs on my linux machine?

Unless they use lots of late-bounding code and Windows.Forms, you can give 
them a run today...

>Since Im a VB.NET developer, Im waiting really much for this release...

Help us to get there

>Also of course together with the Windows.Forms  and 


>I really hope you will get it up and running soon, since I really would 
>like to start developing my programs so they actually work on my linux 

We want that you be able to just do that...

>If there are anything I can do to help you with this, please let my know, 
>but Im only a VB developer, I don´t know much about how the system is built 
>up and so...

Just testing and reporting bugs is of great help. Put your software to spin 
in Mono, and tell us what is broken...


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