[Mono-list] Mono/XSP problem with CultureInfo?

Hervé Poussineau poussine@freesurf.fr
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 23:08:32 +0200


I have an ArgumentException when I want to see a page served by XSP.

First step, I go to the test directory of xsp, and launch the server with:
    mono ../server/xsp.exe

Second step, I try to receive index page : wget http://localhost:8080

After 22 seconds, an exception is thrown:
Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: An invalid argument was
in (unmanaged)
in (unmanaged) /home/hpoussin/mono/install/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x400b201c]
in <0x0005a> System.Globalization.CultureInfo:Construct (int,string,bool)
in <0x00084> System.Globalization.CultureInfo:.ctor (int,bool)
in <0x00012> System.Globalization.CultureInfo:.ctor (int)
in <0x000e2> System.Web.HttpResponse:GenerateHeaders ()
in <0x0007b> System.Web.HttpResponse:SendHeaders ()
in <0x0012f> System.Web.HttpResponse:Flush (bool)
in <0x00013> System.Web.HttpResponse:FinalFlush ()
in <0x00205> System.Web.HttpRuntime:FinishRequest
in <0x0027b> System.Web.HttpRuntime:InternalExecuteRequest
in <0x0001a> System.Web.HttpRuntime:ProcessRequest
in <0x0000a> Mono.ASPNET.MonoWorkerRequest:ProcessRequest ()
in <0x0006d> Mono.ASPNET.Worker:ProcessRequest ()
in (unmanaged) (wrapper remoting-invoke) System.AppDomain:DoCallBack

Additional informations:
I have *today* (21-oct) versions of mono, mcs and xsp.
I also tried with a "normal" web browser, but same problem.
Linux Debian 3.0 (woody)

What can I do?
Is it a bug in mono or in xsp, or a problem with my installation?