[Mono-list] Mono at the PDC.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
20 Oct 2003 22:50:55 -0400

Hello guys,

   It would be great to meet people at the PDC.   I will stop by the
SourceGear stand and the Apress one for sure, and hang around with a few
more Mono developers and Mono users

   We were not selected to have a BOF at the PDC (the PDC organizers
failed to give a good answer, other than `mhm, lets discuss in LA'),
but I figured we can through something together anyways.  The questions

	* Where would be a good location?

	  Can we just chill in some unused room during the PDC?

	  Should we try to rent a room in a nearby hotel?  If so,
	  any suggestions as to something which is close?

	* When is a good time?  My reading of the events at the PDC
	  indicates that the best day might be early Monday, before the
 	  reception, that way we can later get together at the
	  reception, and you might know what the other Monoers look
	  like, so you could later ask follow up questions.

	* Should I distribute fliers with the info?  Since I have 
	  a strong background on student activism, I know how to 
	  hand fliers like a pro.  I wont get in any trouble, right?

Love Love Love!