[Mono-list] Mod_Mono

Jason Mallory jason@phxrising.com
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:47:47 -0700

I am trying to compile the mod_mono on Red Hat 8 running Apache. I have 
comleted Mono, MCS, and XSP to the point that if I go to the test 
directory in the xsp compile, the test works. However, when I try to 
make the mod_mono program I get hundreds maybe thousands of parse error 
lines and directory does not exist errors. This is a very big project I 
am working on, and will be hit on average by 2,000 users a day 
incorporating Flash Communication Server MX. I would rather show to the 
world the power of open source software and how it could work for them 
instead of going to a Microsoft solution. Any ideas?