[Mono-list] Binaries naming

Asier Llano Palacios asierllano@infonegocio.com
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 20:18:09 +0200


> We will likely move to track the same names that the Microsoft.NET
> Framework uses, to simplify the migration of applications from
> Windows.  Maybe we will keep aliases to the current names, we have yet
> to decide.
> You can see this trend with wsdl, chktrust, and secutil.  Some tools
> will be renamed at some point, like monowsdl.

These are good news for me.

Mono and pnet will still block each other, but at least Mono will have a
consistent naming and easy for newbie people.

I really don't mind that mono blocks pnet because I'm planning to use only
Mono, but as a Linux user I would prefer to have open alternatives. That's
why I love Linux, because the possibility of choosing. 

So, I would still prefer the same name with an 'm' prefix, so mono and pnet
don't block each other and the Microsoft .NET Framework names could be
provided by the packagers to choose one framework or the other.
Maybe, after the last "pnet vs Mono" battle (yesterday?). (Joking). A little
of understanding to let them work in the same environment could be good. 

Thank you very much for you great work.
I'm full of entusiasm to finish my "Proyecto Final de Carrera" (I don't now
its English name), that is done in C#, and port it to work in Linux. I
promise bug reports and patches (if any).

Asier Llano