[Mono-list] mod_mono verbose mode?

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:29:37 +0200

El mar, 14-10-2003 a las 11:51, Artur Brodowski escribió:
> W li¶cie z pon, 13-10-2003, godz. 16:32, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier pisze: 
> > Is the file readable/writable by both the user running apache and the
> > user running the server?
> Of course it is, as requested in mod_mono INSTALL file. I have even made
> it world writeable, just to make sure if it's not some groups issue, but
> apparently it is not. XSP alone works fine, Apache version is 2.0.47.
> httpd config contains those lines:
> LoadModule mono_module modules/libmod_mono.so
> MonoUnixSocket /tmp/mod_mono_server
> Alias /mono /usr/local/share/doc/xsp/test
> AddType application/x-asp-net .aspx .ashx .asmx .ascx .asax .config
> .ascx
> Any ideas?

These are the lines I have in my httpd.conf:
Listen 8080
AddType application/x-asp-net .aspx .ashx .asmx .ascx .asax .config
LoadModule mono_module /home/gpanjav/apache2/modules/mod_mono.so
MonoUnixSocket /tmp/mod_mono_server

Alias /samples "/home/gpanjav/go-mono/install/share/doc/xsp/test"
Alias /docs "/home/gpanjav/go-mono/monodoc/browser/web"

So there are 2 differences:

     1. You try to load libmod_mono.so, which is not installed in the
        apache modules directory, but in $(prefix)/lib. Change it by
        mod_mono.so (as the INSTALL file says :).
     2. I remember something about using quotes in Alias, but that's a
        non-issue after 1.