[Mono-list] Binaries naming

Asier Llano Palacios asierllano@infonegocio.com
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:12:33 +0200


I've bin thinking about the names of the executables and found the following
two cosmetic problems.

a) Unconsistent naming, some of the including an 'm' at the beginning, some
of them 'mono' and some of them nothing at all.
	mcs: for the compiler
	mono: for the jit
	mint: for the interpreter
	ilasm: for the assembler
	monodis: for the disassembler
	monodoc: for the documentation

b) Distributions make pnet and mono block each other just because of sharing
the name of 'ilasm'. Although I'm not a fan of pnet it is a pity to block
each other for sharing just the name of one executable.

c) Windows people ask for tools that already exist, because they don't know
the mono's name of the same tool. (I was thinking about a mail asking for
the disassembler).

I know that it would be a little change in source, but a big change in the
documentation, in the working of the people and packaging. But, I was
thinking that if the change is proposed, the sooner, the better.
(Once Mono 1.0 is released, it is clearly too late).

Just I was thinking that it would be better if for Mono 1.0 the executables
would be called:
	mcsc: for the compiler
	mjit: for the jit
	mint: for the interpreter
	milasm: for the assembler
	mdoc: for the documentation

I think it would make everything more consistent and easier for people to
start working with mono. 
Don't you think it would look as a more organized framework?

I know it would be a hard job, so don't blame me just for thinking. I'm open
to hear your thoughts.

Asier Llano