[Mono-list] Mono early history.

Sergio Blanco Cuaresma sergio-blanco@iespana.es
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 00:27:59 +0200

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El lun, 13-10-2003 a las 18:48, Miguel de Icaza escribi=F3:
> Rhys contacted me about this time, he had been reverse engineering the
> file format and had some early code to load the files.  It was an
> interesting effort, and there was some early cooperation between a group
> of three people: Rhys, Saurik and myself.  =20

I have information about Rhys Weatherley, but who is Saurik? Jay
Freeman? Is he a Ximian Worker?

> About this time Sam Ruby was pushing at the ECMA committee to get the
> binary file format published, something that was not part of the
> original agenda.   I do not know how things developed, but by April 2001
> ECMA had published the file format.

Is Sam Ruby a ECMA committee worker?

> The Labsl team effort's eventually resulted in work in Bonobo-conf,
> ORBit2, bonobo-activation, Soup, and the Perl/Gtk bindings.  The
> intention was to build tools to improve our productivity: create more
> applications in less time, bring more abstractions and standards to the
> desktop and reduce our time and cost of development.

The Labs1 team? A group of Ximian programmers?

> We remained quiet, as we moved the teams over from their existing
> projects to the Mono effort, they were winding down on their existing
> projects, and only a couple remained behind: Alex Graveley (building
> Soup) and Michael Meeks (working on Bonobo and ORBit).   The rest,
> Dietmar, Paolo, Dick and myself started work on Mono.

All these people were part of the Labs1 team?

> Ravi will join us later to assist in the C# compiler development.

A new Ximian worker, isn't it?

I'm sorry for my ignorance and my curiosity, but I think that it's an
important and interesting story and I would like to know the details.


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