[Mono-list] RedHat 9 install problems

Karl Waclawek karl@waclawek.net
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:54:46 -0400

> > I installed the 0.28 RPMs for RedHat 9.
> > However, they install into /usr rather than /usr/local,
> > which does not allow me to run mono apps as they
> > are looking into /usr/local/lib for their assemblies.
> > 
> > I can copy the files over, but that is not a real
> > solution. Am not very experienced on Linux, so
> > there probably is an easy way to correct this.
> Which Mono apps are looking for /usr/local?  They look in the prefix
> where mono is installed (or see MONO_PATH on the man page for mono)

I just compiled a simple Hello app with mcs and tried to run it.
Got the "corlib.dll not found" error, suggesting I should
install it in /usr/local/lib.

Will look at MONO_PATH. I didn't do anything but install
the RPMS and compile a test app, I was assuming that
should be enough for getting started.