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Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists@theroughnecks.com
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:10:59 -0700

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> I'm not sure that autoconf/automake is a good match for C#.
> Though if we went that route, supporting "make distcheck" would become
> trivial. ;-)  (Ignore this unless you read cvs-list...)
> I'm primarily after something that would be fairly easy to support.  I
> need to minimize the work required on my part, as I only have a few
> hours a week, and most of that goes toward email.  This is likely true
> for many people.
> --snip-- <

I think that an installer like this

it grabs the current install files from cvs, and runs the installer..
it works pretty well, have used synchronet as a bbs/mail/nntp software
for a couple years, since 3.00c came out...

the installation process for it is pretty nice, and is always from
the current cvs tree... if anyone wants to talk to the guys that do
the installer... visit #bbs at irc.thebbs.org ... will want to talk
to Deuce, or Digital Man (dm)

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