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Mon, 13 Oct 2003 15:39:29 -0200

>From: "Jaroslaw Kowalski" <jaak@zd.com.pl>
>To: "Peter Williams" <peter@newton.cx>,"Ian MacLean" <ianm@ActiveState.com>

> > To try to articulate that idea a bit more, here's a quote from the NAnt
> > webpage that struck me:
> >
> >         Important: Some tasks like the compiler tasks will only execute
> >         if the date stamp of the generated file is older than the source
> >         files.  If you compile HelloWorld project in debug mode and then
> >         try to compile it again in non-debug mode without first cleaning
> >         nothing will happen because NAnt will think the project does not
> >         need rebuilding.
> >
> > Why isn't NAnt able to figure that out? It's a build tool, it should
> > specialize in being smart in situations like this. Problems like this
> > are why make sucks, but it doesn't seem that NAnt improves the
> > situation.
>NAnt is no different than make here: it compares the timestamps of all 
>against the time of all output files. Because the configuration "debug" vs
>is not associated with any file, nothing will get rebuilt.
>This could be easily changed by creating a temporary file and introducing a
>on this file. I'm not sure if this is any better than the current, clean

Just to be complete (I don't like it myself), there is the Microsoft way: 
build each target to different directories (the dreaded /bin/debug and 
/bin/release couple)

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