[Mono-list] Mono Tools and Utilities

Ian MacLean ianm@ActiveState.com
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 13:54:27 +0900

I'd like to hear a more detailed breakdown of you're issues with NAnt. 
We always trying to improve the codebase and doing that requires 
listening to peoples issues. However
'I don't like the xml syntax'  and 'it doesn't seem to have been 
*designed*' don't really give us too much to go on.


>I'd really discourage using NAnt though -- I'm not too familiar with it,
>but I find the XML syntax awful and, well, it doesn't seem to have been
>*designed*. I don't want to rag on nant too much because of my limited
>understanding of it, but I think if we're going to switch to a "next
>generation" build system we'd want to explore our options.