[Mono-list] Question about run Nunit test suites with nunit-console.exe

CARLOSGA@telefonica.net CARLOSGA@telefonica.net
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 23:52:49 +0200


A little question about nunit-console=2Eexe in linux=2E
i have a nunit test suite that have some configuration params stored in
a config file (PostgreSql=2EData=2EPgSqlClient=2EUnitTests=2Edll=2Econfig=
) the
parameters are accessed using ConfigurationSettings=2EAppSettings=5B=22xx=
this works nice in windows but in linux seems that the config file is
not loaded
is this correct =3F=3F

Best regards

Carlos Guzm=E1n =C1lvarez