[Mono-list] I kind of built nant 8.3 on RH9+Mono, but then ...

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Fri, 03 Oct 2003 15:35:33 -0300

Sorry for being late on anwerings, Ian...

>the NAnt makefile has been re-organised since 0.8.3. I think you'll find 
>that the current cvs builds much more smoothly.

Wonderfull news, I'll have to get the cvs version, someday

>There is no mininant anymore - just run make in the nant basedir.

Thanks god!!!

>You'll probably still need to tweak the config file as by default it 
>expects mono to reside in /usr/local.

Yes, mono is developed with an install prefix of /usr/local, but RPM 
releases put it in /usr (which I prefer anyway). I probably will change the 
NAnt config to use the release location, instead of the developing one.

>If you want to keep NAnt.exe in a seperate directory to the task assemblies 
>then you can add /usr/lib to the <nant taskpath="">  attribute in 
>NAnt.Exe.config  and NAnt will look there for task assemblies. Note this is 
>a ';' seperated list.

Thanks for the information. I was sure there would be such a configuration,  
but I'm just starting to use NAnt and all it's schemas (config & build) are 
mostly unexplored territory for me.

>I can't speak of other projects but we ( nant developers ) will definately 
>accept patches for mono friendliness. Feel free to post patches/comments to 

Thank you, I'll do if needed.

>I would prefer that the NAnt cvs tree is as mono friendly as possible 
>rather than having a forked version in the mono tree.

Me either...

>Of course - shipping a version of NAnt with mono releases would be a great 
>help for new users.

I would also like it to happen, because there's lots of NAnt buildfiles out 

Someone brougth out the idea of a Mono Certified project, kind of a 
repository for libraries and apps, compatible with mono, maybe we could have 
NAnt packages there. Ideally, this repository would need to be synch'ed with 
mono releases... Just thoughts

>btw I offered to submit patches to the NUnit project for mono friendliness. 
>Waiting on a response now.

Good. I had to correct  just one line of code, and build it only for the 
console to have it running in Linux, but I didn't have time to use NUnit2 
tasks for seeing it working inside NAnt.

>which code did you need to comment out in resgentask.cs ?

In truth, i had to uncomment some lines! In the following property get 
acessor all but the 'return false'  lines where commented out...

protected override bool UsesRuntimeEngine


    if (Project.CurrentFramework != null)

      if (Project.CurrentFramework.Name.IndexOf("mono", 0) != -1 )  // 
remove hardcoded ness
        return true;


    return false;



Thank you,  Ian

Best regards,

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