[Mono-list] mod-mono-server.exe exception

Michael C McHugh mcm75@dana.ucc.nau.edu
Thu, 02 Oct 2003 13:58:34 -0700 (MST)

So what I am getting out of this is that the exceptions only occur when I
try to string multiple MonoApplications together i.e.
 <add key="MonoApplications" value="/:test;/mono:test" />
mono mod-mono-server.exe --applications /mono:test\;/test:/usr/local/xsp/test &

Is this correct?

Also I noticed that mono mod-mono-server.exe --applications /test:test &
still attempts to serve /usr/local/apache/htdocs/test even though
Root directory is /usr/local/xsp/bin

Is this the correct behavior? If so what must I do to break out of the
apache root, or is this not possible? I would like to end up supporting
~/public_html which I assume will each require mention in
MonoApplications. Correct?