[Mono-list] ResourceManager class questions

Carlos Guzman Alvarez carlosga@telefonica.net
Thu, 02 Oct 2003 22:35:04 +0200


> So, if you are getting errors like MethodNotFound exception when trying 
> to use resources, the patch may be helpful.

I have applied your patch and tested it but i'm getting an error :).

Ok, an explain of the problem, i'm creating a new instance of the 
resourcemanager class as:

MESSAGES = "FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird.Resources.Gds.isc_error_msg";

rm = new ResourceManager(MESSAGES,		 

This is is working ( or at least is not throwing an exception :) ).

The resource file is generated with ms resgen from a text file with 
contents like this:

335544321=arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
335544322=invalid database key
335544323=file {0} is not a valid database
335544324=invalid database handle (no active connection)
335544325=bad parameters on attach or create database
335544326=unrecognized database parameter block
335544327=invalid request handle
335544328=invalid BLOB handle

The exception gives when i try to get the value of an element of the 
resource, i'm making this as:

message = rm.GetString(code.ToString());

I have tested this too:

message = rm.GetString(code.ToString(), CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

In both cases i get this exception ( Red hat linux 8 - Mono 0.28 )

Could not find any resource appropiate for the specified culture or its 

in <0x0032a> System.Resources.ResourceManager:InternalGetResourceSet 
in <0x00097> System.Resources.ResourceManager:GetString 
in <0x00019> System.Resources.ResourceManager:GetString (string)
in <0x0005a> FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird.Gds.GdsExceptionHelper:GetMessage 


This is working ok with ms .net.

For ms.net i'm making the build using nant, the resource file is build as:


For mono on linux i have a makefile, the resource file is build as:


What i'm making bad or how can make for solve this ??

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

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