[Mono-list] Mono LDAP Status

Jason Raneses jason@raneses.com
Thu, 2 Oct 2003 12:35:28 -0700

Just to let everyone know, I had a conversation with Matt Ryan and another
Novell engineer earlier this week regarding Novell's possible involvement
with the development of the Mono LDAP library and the
System.DirectoryServices implementation.  Novell is interested in committing
developer resources to the project, and as we move forward, I'll be sure to
keep everyone updated with how things are shaping out.


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I work for Novell's Developer Services organization representing
developer relations between our Linux products and non-Novell engineers.
 I would like to see what can be done by Novell to be a better
participant here than what we have been so far.

If you are interested in a C# LDAP library or are currently working on
one, I would like to specifically know what your interest or involvement
is.  My intent would be to try to see if I can figure out how to
coordinate this with the efforts of the eDirectory development team so
we are more open-source friendly than we currently are.

-Matt Ryan
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>>> "Jason Raneses" <jason@raneses.com> 9/23/2003 9:55:09 PM >>>
Miguel, all...

The C# LDAP library aims to provide, at a minimal level, the same
amount of
functionality found in the Mozilla (Netscape) Java LDAP classes.  I am
planning to support the synchronous portions in version 1, and the
asynchronous in a later release.  My initial thoughts were to write
everything in native C#, however, because of time constraints on a few
the projects I am working on that require this library, I chose to go
frequently traveled route of wrapping existing unmanaged C libraries,
and at
the same time, solidifying the API, so, at a later time, I can rewrite
portion in native C#, without breaking any interfaces.

My development team and I were not satisfied with Microsoft's
of the System.DirectoryServices namespace, and did not see the need to
purchase a 3rd party library, thus I began this project on the side
about a
month ago.  It can be used with pretty much any C dll based on the
University of Michigan reference code.

I'd say that the code is not too far off from being good enough to drop
CVS.  I have to work on some of the thread synchronization a bit more,
am still finishing up work on the ldap_modify wrappers.  The classes
collections that search and iterate directory data are for the most
already completed.

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> It would be ideal to develop a fully managed provider, but I had an
> immediate need to get at least a subset of the API up and working,
> and the easiest route to go was to wrap the C libraries.  My long
> term goal is for the library to not have any unmanaged dependencies
> whatsoever, and I plan on removing them over time by implementing
> functionality provided by the C libraries in native C#.
> It would be stellar to have the guys from Novell involved in this if
> they are interested.  Does anyone have anything concrete on their
> time frame for making a decision to join the development?

Jason, can you tell us more about your current binding, and whether it
is mature enough to get it on CVS?

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