[Mono-list] I kind of built nant 8.3 on RH9+Mono, but then ...

Ian MacLean ianm@ActiveState.com
Thu, 02 Oct 2003 17:12:23 +0900

the NAnt makefile has been re-organised since 0.8.3. I think you'll find 
that the current cvs builds much more smoothly. There is no mininant 
anymore - just run make in the nant basedir. You'll probably still need 
to tweak the config file as by default it expects mono to reside in 

If you want to keep NAnt.exe in a seperate directory to the task 
assemblies then you can add /usr/lib to the 

<nant taskpath="">  attribute in NAnt.Exe.config  and NAnt will look 
there for task assemblies. Note this is a ';' seperated list.

I can't speak of other projects but we ( nant developers ) will 
definately accept patches for mono friendliness. Feel free to post 
patches/comments to nant-developers@lists.sourceforge.net.
I would prefer that the NAnt cvs tree is as mono friendly as possible 
rather than having a forked version in the mono tree. Of course - 
shipping a version of NAnt with mono releases would be a great help for 
new users.

btw I offered to submit patches to the NUnit project for mono 
friendliness. Waiting on a response now.

which code did you need to comment out in resgentask.cs ?


> Well, I had to fiddle with the mininant makefile, had to copy/rename 
> dll from log4net-1.2.0-beta8, had to create an mininant.exe.config and 
> make changes in NAnt.exe.config (not yet on the source it is 
> compiled), and NAnt 8.3 runs, but:
> I had to keep NAnt.exe in /usr/lib/ with NAnt.*Tasks.dll assemblies or 
> it would not find the tasks (mono linux-friendly separation of exes 
> and dlls, plays havoc with NAnt autoconfigurable factories...). I may 
> have missed some setting that would help with that but...
> I had to uncomment code on resgentask.cs, for it to work correctly in 
> linux, as needed for next step
> Then I built NUnit 2.1.4 using NAnt, with a shortened buildfile 
> (avoiding SWF dependencies)
> <output>