[Mono-list] Books

Jonel Rienton csharp@nospam_here.core.com
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:05:08 -0600

Timothy Parez wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone recommend me some good books
> Currently I buy WROX books because I like the deep background they give,
> not just simple tutorials with step by step guides.
> But as WROX doesn't seem to be producing new books ....
> I would like books on the following subjects: (all C#)
> - Complete software design (Database Driven)
>   Explaining best practices to develop data driven apps with C#,
>   not an ADO.NET tutorial
> - Design Patterns
> Thnx.
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I've found applied microsoft .net framework programming by Jeff Richter 
very helpful in helping me learn C#. Though not for beginners, it helped 
me understand the inner working of the CLR.

C# and the .Net Platform by Troelsen is also a good choice.

For design patterns, you should definitely get the book on Design 
Patterns by the Big Four (Gamma et al). You can also get the Application 
Design Patterns provided by Microsoft in their MSDN website.