[Mono-list] re: Mono Ideas

Seagull Charlie cgullcharlie@hotmail.com
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 16:41:25 +0000

You can develop ASP.Net and other .Net database driven applications very 
fast using
the RDP tool - www.rdptools.com or www.transcomsoft.com
It reads your database schema and then generates applications for you.
You choose the application from a large list of application templates.
New application templates are easy to create too.
However it is not an opensource product.


>Message: 2
>From: Pablo Fischer <pablo@pablo.com.mx>
>To: mono-list@lists.ximian.com
>Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:57:21 -0600
>Subject: [Mono-list] Mono Ideas
>Well, the last week I talk with a consultant of Microsoft in Mexico that
>his job is to develop applications in .NET, so here are some ideas that
>maybe exists or maybe not in the mono world :)
>1. I think that in the application side (the exes that all we know) Mono
>has a good position, I can develop applications in Linux/Mono, compile
>them and in windows download them and just run them, without installing
>Mono in the other side (also if we are not going to develop, just to run
>the application). In the Visual way I think they're equal, in the MS.NET
>world you can use the VisualStudio and use SWF and in Mono you can use
>Glade (that I think it's better, cause you can run it in more OS -gtk-
>than the SWF).
>2. Also, the man shows me the real power today of .NET. He created a
>simple Hello World application and ask me that f*** question: "What do
>you want to do today?".. urgh.. he compiled and copied the code to his
>www root directory and opened it in a browser.. then opened an exe with
>the same interface :(.. and then copied it to his pocket pc and opened
>in it!!!. So I have a question.. Today, in Mono I can create
>applications for PocketPcs, Web applications and the same time?
>3. And also.. he allows me to create a simple web page in ASP.NET using
>VisualStudio first and then WebMatrix, wow..  I created a stupid w page
>in 5 minutes with labels, fields, calendar, validators and get data of a
>AccessDB in 5minutes!. So my question is: Exists or plans to be an
>opensource project similar to WebMatrix? for developing ASP.NET websites
>very fast?. If not, I thing that would be a good idea, I can contribute
>with code or as beta tester
>Thanks and happy hacking!
>Pablo Fischer

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