[Mono-list] Mono Ideas

Pablo Fischer pablo@pablo.com.mx
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:57:21 -0600


Well, the last week I talk with a consultant of Microsoft in Mexico that
his job is to develop applications in .NET, so here are some ideas that
maybe exists or maybe not in the mono world :)

1. I think that in the application side (the exes that all we know) Mono
has a good position, I can develop applications in Linux/Mono, compile
them and in windows download them and just run them, without installing
Mono in the other side (also if we are not going to develop, just to run
the application). In the Visual way I think they're equal, in the MS.NET
world you can use the VisualStudio and use SWF and in Mono you can use
Glade (that I think it's better, cause you can run it in more OS -gtk-
than the SWF). 

2. Also, the man shows me the real power today of .NET. He created a
simple Hello World application and ask me that f*** question: "What do
you want to do today?".. urgh.. he compiled and copied the code to his
www root directory and opened it in a browser.. then opened an exe with
the same interface :(.. and then copied it to his pocket pc and opened
in it!!!. So I have a question.. Today, in Mono I can create
applications for PocketPcs, Web applications and the same time?

3. And also.. he allows me to create a simple web page in ASP.NET using
VisualStudio first and then WebMatrix, wow..  I created a stupid w page
in 5 minutes with labels, fields, calendar, validators and get data of a
AccessDB in 5minutes!. So my question is: Exists or plans to be an
opensource project similar to WebMatrix? for developing ASP.NET websites
very fast?. If not, I thing that would be a good idea, I can contribute
with code or as beta tester

Thanks and happy hacking!
Pablo Fischer