[Mono-list] ann: uiml.net

Kris Luyten kris.luyten@luc.ac.be
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:22:30 +0100

Hi everybody,

I want to announce the availability of a (preliminary and experimental)
UIML renderer built with mono and C#. The code is available as free
software from http://lumumba.luc.ac.be/~kris/projects/uiml.net/ .

UIML (http://www.uiml.org) is an XML-based high level User Interface
description language. In contrast with Glade XML it is more "abstract"
and is not tied to a particular widget set. Currently, a part of Gtk# is
supported as a widget set that can be rendered. Other widget sets are
planned (I am currently looking into Wx.Net). Examples (with some
screenshots) can be seen at
http://lumumba.luc.ac.be/~kris/projects/uiml.net/examples/.  Do not
expect too much: the possibilities of the rendering library are still
limited :-).

It still misses some essentials to make it really really useful (like
complete bindings with the Gtk widget set and an AutoConnect function
similar to the one provided with Glade). The UIML spec is implemented
for about 50%.

It is my first project using Mono, I hope some people can find it
useful! Thanks to the mono people for providing this nice .Net

Kris Luyten
email: kris.luyten@luc.ac.be
uiml.net: http://lumumba.luc.ac.be/kris/projects/uiml.net