[Mono-list] Mono status: mono/tests

Ildar Mulyukov ildar@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 15:49:43 +0300

       Dear Mono hackers,
I clearly understand, that mono is unstable and very quickly changes [to
better :-)]. But when I tried to package it for a Linux distribution
that I use, I got a troublesome situation:
whenever I want to verify that packages I built are relatively good, I
want to test this fact. It's natural. And it's obvious to use included
*tests* for this purpose.
But the problem here: I was unable to find an information, which tests
should the mono+mcs pass and which lead to failure. Of course, when mono
becomes 1.0, all of the tests [hopefully] will work just fine. But now -
can anyone give this information to me?
My proposition here is to include this information to Release Notes.
That's a good thing to tell not only about advances of a release but
also about what is not working yet :-)
The result I got is below. I think there's something wrong with it, but
I'm completely lost about what goes wrong :-(
Thank you for any help.
Best regards, Ildar

My results:
mcs --unsafe -nowarn:0162 -out:pinvoke1.exe pinvoke1.cs

** (/usr/bin/mcs.exe:30678): WARNING **: cant resolve internal call to
"Test::MyClone()" (tested without signature also)

Your mono runtime and corlib are out of sync.
Corlib is: pinvoke1

When you update one from cvs you need to update, compile and install
the other too.
Do not report this as a bug unless you're sure you have updated correctly:
you probably have a broken mono install.
If you see other errors or faults after this message they are probably
and you need to fix your mono install first.
Compilation succeeded
$ make testjit
165 test(s) passed. 5 test(s) failed.

Failed tests:

** thread6.exe
$ make testinterp
160 test(s) passed. 9 test(s) failed.

Failed tests:

I'm using ALTLinux Sisyphus
<http://altlinux.com/index.php?module=sisyphus> with packages installed:

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