[Mono-list] GUI Library

Pavlica, Nick Nick.Pavlica@echostar.com
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:25:06 -0700

Having built in GUI(s) like GTK# & (AWT/SWING) is an important part of
any development platform.  I'm sure many people, including myself, would
love to see a complete Mono package that has all of the GUI libraries
built in.  The nice thing about Java is that I can run one rpm and have
a complete development/runtime environment where I can create and use
many general purpose applications.  I don't want to compile, configure
and test several different libraries just to get my application up and
running, or to develop for that matter.  

Pleas add two more cents to that burgeoning piggy bank :)

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 10:41, Freddy BL wrote:
> >I'm sure this has been discussed here, but has anyone proposed the idea
> >of a SWING like frame work written in C#.  I know SWING has it's
> >hangups, but it's a hand tool for GUI apps that are deployed on a number
> >of different platforms.
> Remeber, what Miguel said: Swing looks like an alien on _every_ platform.
> There existing different LookAndFeel (LaF) for Swing, so that you can choose 
> a Windows-LaF for Windows-Systems, but the same is possible with Gtk+
> (Have a look at Gtk-Wimp on WinXP: 
> http://developer.gimp.org/screenshots/gimp-winxp.png)
> The other point is, that Swing is based on AWT, which is a platformdependent 
> GUI.
> And you only use AWT and Swing, because its a part of Java. If you install 
> Java, you install AWT and Swing with it.
> And thats the difference to Gtk#. At the moment Gtk#, Gtk+, Glib and all the 
> other libraries on which Gtk# and Gtk+ are based, are still _not_ part of 
> Mono
> (and Gtk+, GLib and so on are actually unfortunately not bundled with Gtk# 
> in a seperate package for different systems on the Gtk#-Webside)
> Greating
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