[Mono-list] Update to Mono-Wiki

vega the_dog_star vega_the_strong@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 06:23:58 +0000

  Hello All,

   Per suggestions by Timothy Parez and Miguel de Icaza I have put a section 
in the mono-wiki called "Install and Use Quik Starts". My contribution is 
called "Mono&Wine on RH8 For Dummies". Please don't be afraid to test this 
install procedure out and give me harsh feedback if it doesn't work. This 
thing should be bullet proof!

  Also, people who use other platforms, please put install procedures for 
your distribution in the same section on the Wiki (maybe we can get one for 
each distribution ;)

  Like I said, let me know if ANYTHING is wrong with it.


  Clegg (Geoff Townsend)

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