[Mono-list] Mono/Wine Winforms *For Dummies*

vega the_dog_star vega_the_strong@hotmail.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 04:32:53 +0000

   Hello All,

    I am new to mono/wine and I just spent 4 days getting it up and running.

    It occurred to me that you have to go alot of places and do alot of 
things to get it running, and not to step on anyone's toes ;) but sometimes 
it's tough to find everything.

   To this end, I'd like to create a page on go-mono.com (if you'd let me) 
that just gives a step-by-step for Redhat from install of RH to running your 
first Winform app. This would include all associated RPMs and the order in 
which they must be installed, including all commands and configs. I've 
already written it, I just didn't want to post it to the list, I wasn't sure 
it's the appropriate place.

  We really need to get everything in the same place, so people who aren't 
newbies but haven't used mono before (like me) can get up and running 
without giving up.

   Let me know if this sounds good,   .NET offers the first real chance to 
have platform independence and mono is a HUGE reason for this. I'd really 
like to help it be easy.

  Let Me know,

  Geoff Townsend (Clegg)

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