[Mono-list] Use of mcs sources

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Nov 2003 12:23:41 -0500


> I want to write a C# editor tool as Visual Studio or SharpDevelop, but specialized
> on Mono and GTk# enviroment. I would need a C# parser and some .cs files
> of the mcs sources (/mcs directory) that are exactly that I'm looking for
> (using it, I could implement code analysis or autocompletion). I don't know
> if I could include some files of the sources on my own project (making clear
> where I find it), if I have to notify to the user to download the mcs sources
> to compile my project or if I cannot use it anyway r:-/ Do I have to change
> my project to GPL license?

The C# compiler code is covered under the GPL, so if you use that code,
your code would have to be compatible with the GPL.

I understand that SharpDevelop also has a C# parser that does
intellisense and auto-completion.  The engine is separated from the
actual widget, so you could save a lot of time and just use that (MCS
source code is not designed to be used in that way).

Notice that SharpDevelop's code is also GPL.