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Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt@kde.org
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 23:49:49 +0100

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Hi Miguel, hi Mono and KDE folks!

[Miguel de Icaza]
> Hey guys,
>    I know that there has been a lot of speculation over Novell, SuSE,
> Gnome, KDE and Mono with today's announcement.
>    We can say that once the acquisition is completed that:
>        * Novell/SuSE will continue to distribute KDE and Gnome.
>        * Novell/SuSE will include Ximian Desktop build,
>          as it is a more fine tuned desktop than the default Gnome
>          build they ship.
>        * Novell is commited to build an stable ISV platform (you can
>          read my blog for some thoughts on this).
>        * Gtk+, the Gnome platform and Mono use the right licensing
>          terms for creating an ISV platform.
>        * We will continue to work on open source projects, and work
>          in the best way to offer a complete Linux stack.
>    And lastly, just remember that Nat and myself are in charge of
> Novell's Linux Desktop Strategy, so we will do the right thing ;-)

Does the "right thing" include better cooperation between KDE and=20
Mono/GNOME, meaning contributions to ALL these projects with at least the=20
same efford as in the past?

Or will SuSE's currently big support for KDE be phased out after carefully=
examining how quickly it can be dropped without alienating the developer=20

Or does it also depend on what the SuSE people think is best for their=20

I am a bit worried by the fact that you only spoke of "distributing" KDE,=20
not of actively supporting it. Not saying something sometimes says the=20

KDE and GNOME are both so important for the Linux desktop that dropping=20
contributions to one of them would be very sad.

I see great possibilities in the cooperation between Ximian and SuSE for=20
free desktop interoperation - which is urgently needed for accessibility,=20
the area of KDE I am involved in.

I hope my hopes are not too optimistic.

> Love,
> Miguel.

Love and peace,

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