[Mono-list] (no subject)

Francesco Mariotto sysadmin@madart.it
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 11:06:23 -0500 (EST)

Hi i have this problem when i make ModMono.dll:

[firewall]:/etc/modmono/src# make -f makedll.mak

mcs /debug+ /debug:full /nologo /r:System.Web.dll /target:library /out:ModMono.dll ApacheApplicationHost.cs ApacheWorkerRequest.cs MonoWorkerRequest.cs IApplicationHost.cs Request.cs

** (/usr/bin/mcs:18612): WARNING **: cant resolve internal call to "Apache.Web.Request::GetConnectionInternal(intptr)" (tested without signature also)

Your mono runtime and corlib are out of sync.
Corlib is: ModMono

When you update one from cvs you need to update, compile and install
the other too.
Do not report this as a bug unless you're sure you have updated correctly:
you probably have a broken mono install.
If you see other errors or faults after this message they are probably related
and you need to fix your mono install first.

What can i do ?

I use debian with apache2 and my apache has mod_mono loaded but not compile .aspx pages
.. and xsp-0.5 which function has? it is indispensable?