[Mono-list] Questions on Mono Roadmap

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Tue, 04 Nov 2003 14:24:38 +0000

>My concern is: where are the cross-platform features?
>I only saw x86 and PPC support in Mono 1.0. Other architectures are only 
>"interpreter available".
>That seems not enough.

Mono is mostly developed by Ximian. And Ximian want with mono to have a nice 
development-suit. So the support for other plattforms is - for Ximian - not 
so important.

But, because Mono is OpenSource, every developer can port Mono to other 
platforms. If any developer see the necessity, to use Mono on an other 
platform, he can port it to this and can include its new code in the 

Look at Java: Sun creates only J2SEs for MS-Windows, Linux/x86 and Solaris. 
All the rest they let do by other people.

The different of Mono to Java is, that Mono is OpenSource. You can add your 
changes and extensions to the Mono-CVS-tree. So, if anybody creates a port 
of the Mono-VirtualMachine to other platforms, it is automaticcaly supported 
in Mono 1.0, too.
When Sun brings out a new Java-Version, the ports must been (by 
non-Sun-preople) updated, too.
In Mono there is the subsequently effort dropped.

>Don't just follow MS, it's dangerous. I mean if we only focus on 
>implementing the library, we will
>always run after MS.

Thats wrong. Look at

There existing people (like the Ximian ones), who want to create a nice SDK. 
The only thing, which is compatible with Microsofts .NET Framework is the 
ECMA/ISO standardized part. They want to create Gtk#-programs with it.

But Mono is OpenSource, and so there existing people with other interests. 
And some of them try to rewrite the System.Windows.Forms and other Microsoft 
.NET Framework special parts.

And then there are people who want to port Eclipses SWT to Mono/.net and 
called it #WT.

There don't exists _the_ developer. And the roadmap is only a guideline. If 
everybody want to develop in an other direction, too, they can do it and it 
is possible, that it is then part of Mono 1.0.

Freddy BL

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