[Mono-list] Why mono has a long way to go..

Johan du Plessis johand@technologic.co.za
Sun, 2 Nov 2003 20:06:20 +0200

Hello everybody.

I love mono. Open-source dotnet. But for my line of work it is unusable
and will remain so for a long time. You see certain parts seems to be
ignored in mono and it is of great concern to me (and I hope others).

1) Code Access Security

Little has been done in this area. And I believe in the great security
motto : You can't hack in security afterwards, it will lead to a mess.
CAS spans most of the class libraries.
2) Messaging

.NET is to compete with J2EE. .NET has messaging based on MSMQ. We have
no implementation of this, and no credible alternative. Without it we
can't be taken seriously in the enterprise domain.

3) EnterpriseServices

We have no transaction support. I do believe that COM+ will be a little
bit difficult to duplicate. The closest we can get to this is using
CORBA... And open-source CORBA itself has neglected Transactions. It
doesn't seem if either mySQL or postgreSQL supports the XA Transaction
standards. Yet again, for any serious EE application this is mandatory.

Now most of the people will most likely say, shut up and pitch in but
these components span multiple parts of the .NET implementation as well
as other open-source projects. 

If anybody has any ideas on how we are going to solve this problem drop
me an e-mail please. If nothing else I do hope that people starts to
talk about these components.

Johan du Plessis