[Mono-list] Building CVS, can't find assemblies.

Steve Homer stephen.homer1@ntlworld.com
30 May 2003 03:57:22 +0100

Hi all,

I've been attempting to build mono cvs (as of 02:00 GMT+1) on Redhat 9
via the given script (mono-build.sh). It fails someway through the build
with a bunch of errors relating to not being able to stat what looks
like a set of assemblies.

I'll run through it from scratch tomorrow so I can post an error log
from a clean attempt, But in the meantime, does anyone know if CVS is
currently buildable?


PS I've tried using the monocharge-20030527 according to
README.buildingm but the files included are mcs.exe when the script is
looking for mcs. Renaming does not help as mcs does not run (bash:
/usr/local/bin/mcs.exe: cannot execute binary file).

Andries Brouwer wrote: 
> Linux is unreliable. 
> That is bad. 

Since your definition of reliability is a mathematical abstraction
requiring infinite storage why don't you start by inventing infinitely
large SDRAM chips, then get back to us ? - Alan Cox