[Mono-list] Preview: xine-sharp, c# bindings for the xine media player library.

Rich Wareham rjw57@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Tue, 27 May 2003 16:22:05 +0100 (BST)

[CC'd to the mono list in case more C# hackers want to play, xine is from

I thought I might share something I've been playing with. For one reason
or another I've been learning C# and .NET and, as a learning exercise,
have been giving xine an .NET interface. The reason this might be of
interest is to the xine on Win32 effort whereby the same UI code (and in
fact the same executable) can be used for both a Windows and Linux
xine-based player. Of course, the ability for Windows programmers to knock
up a xine-based media player in Visual Basic is nice too :).

The current version only provides Gtk# and Null video output (the
xine-specific details of video output are hidden by so-called
'VideoManagers') but the actual details of which output device are used is
easily extended (I have a local tree with an AALib VideoManager for

It comes complete with a simple Gtk# media player in less than 150 lines
of code that supports mutliple MRLs, seeking and displaying the current

The build system is based on Gtk#'s so if you can build that, you should
be able to build this :)


  * mono
  * Gtk#
  * libxine version 1.0.0 (one of the later betas)

Final note: Please view this as a preview. The build system needs lots of
work, as does the bindings themselves (many of xine's capabilities are not
exposed). I'm only linking to this so people can have a look :). View this
as totally pre-alpha code.

And finally, finally, here is a URL:

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