[Mono-list] Bohem's GC problem

Victor victorx@asu.edu
Tue, 27 May 2003 11:41:03 -0700


I'm trying to install Boehm GC 6.1 for Mono (Linux version). I have no
problem to compile and install the Boehm's GC. After that, when I want to
re-config (using configure) Mono's Makefile, it reports:

checking for GC_malloc in -lgc... yes
configure: error: "Found libgc but not its header files! You may need to
install them by hand."

I figured out that it needs Boehm's header file in /usr/include/gc/ and I
copied them by hand. Then the configure script created the Makefile
successfully. But when I compile the Mono, it again reports error:

../../mono/io-layer/wapi-private.h:25:2: #error configure failed to discover
size of unix socket path

This is because the value of MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH was set to 0. And it's
value was usually 108 if no Boehm's GC installed.

Now, I am confused by the relationship between MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH and
Boehm's GC. Could anybody tell me what's the problem here? Did I do anything

Thanks a lot