[Mono-list] Review of mono's ADO.NET

Reggie Burnett rykr@bellsouth.net
Tue, 27 May 2003 12:33:06 -0500

> On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 18:03, Reggie Burnett wrote:
> > Marco
> >
> > Though I haven't had a lot of time lately to update it, I have been =
> > general maintainer of the MySQL provider named ByteFX.Data.  It is =
> C#
> > and has been accepted has the replacement for the original
> Mono.Data.MySql
> > provider (which used libmysql.so)
> What're the motivations that conduced you to implement a provider in
> pure C#?
> Isn't it more difficult to mantain than the wrapper over
> libmysqlclient.so?

It is more difficult to maintain than libmysqlclient.so.  Initially I =
did it
because I wanted to but you should read all the email I get saying they =
glad I developed a "native" provider instead of wrapping an existing =
> Is ByteFX still believing in this project?

Oh yes.  My schedule is starting to clear and I plan on releasing a 1.0 =

> Is the right man power allocated for this project?

Is all we have enough?  :-)

> What kind of maturity has MySQLNEt reached?

The same maturity any project at a alpha/beta version 0.68 might have.  =
finished, works pretty well, still has bugs.