[Mono-list] Databind to SQLServer

James Berry james@adastra.co.uk
Fri, 23 May 2003 11:57:17 +0100

> If its a service why do you suppose MS keeps talking about=20
> accessing it thru embedded applications? =20

I imagine Microsoft call it "embedded" because it doesn't have
user-style management tools with it.  For an end-user to do anything
useful with it, they need an application.  Since MSDE is free to use and
distribute with applications developed in Microsoft Office and Microsoft
VS.net, that's probably where the claim come from.

But it _IS_ Sql Server.  You even install the same service packs on it!

As far as it being throttled - it is - but if your application is well
behaved (and writing in .net with connection pooling it is quite hard
not to be well behaved) you are unlikely to come across any limits, even
for a moderately scaled web site.

Best wishes