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Jones, Larry LJones@Lithonia.com
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Good! Further clarification.

Yes, indeed, those were Microsoft quotes off their MSDE Web Page, that are
included in the previous post (down the page).  I guess from what you guys
are saying that the quotes are to say the least a little misleading.

I still have the install on my workstation computer, and Sql Server on
Windows 2000 Server.  BTW, the MSDE is 48MB/152 files and SqlServer is
150MB/323 files.  Does it really have 3 times as much functionality, or is
MS just packing it with fat. (hehe)  Anyway, I may play around with it again
to get a feel for what is really going on.

Thanks Joe.

Larry Jones
Hydrel/Lithonia Lighting

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You don't embed MSDE in an application in an .EXE.  If someone at MS
wrote this, it's wrong.  MSDE has its own installer.  If you want to
distribute a desktop application that targets MSDE, you would either
instruct the user to install MSDE or have your application installer
kick off the MSDE installer at some point.

MSDE is a version of MS SQL Server that targets the desktop.  It is a
set of services.  When you install MSDE you get the same "SQL Server
Service Manager" icon in your system tray area just like you get with
SQL Server, which allows you to start and stop the SQL Server, SQL
Server Agent, and Distributed Transaction Coordinator services.

They are also working on a version of MS SQL Server for the Pocket PC.
Perhaps this is what they are referring to when they speak of "embedded

In any event, when you are coding an application on .NET, you write your
code using the Sql provider.  Whether the application is deployed and
uses MS SQL Server or MSDE doesn't matter, they are one and the same
from that perspective.

You can run the osql command line tool to create a database, execute
queries against the database, etc.  You don't get the SQL Server
Enterprise Manager and associated tools.  You can also access SQLDMO
with MSDE.  Using SQLDMO you can replicate much of the functionality of
the Enterprise Manager.  You can generate CREATE TABLE scripts etc.

The best thing would be to just go and download it and install it
yourself again, if you need to 'prove' it to yourself :-)

Best Regards,

Joe Mozelesky

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Yes, I installed it a ways back and played around with it briefly.  I
have a
SQL Server stand-alone machine available, so I decided to stick with the
real thing, and use MSDE for special custom install situations.

If its a service why do you suppose MS keeps talking about accessing it
embedded applications?  Are there different versions?  What happens when
embed it with an application in an .EXE (as advertised) and deploy it on
target machine without MSDE.  Its supposed to come up running.  Does
mean it starts services there?  I don't have all the answers.  I just
what the product documentation says, and what I saw from my brief

Larry Jones
Hydrel/Lithonia Lighting

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mono-list-admin@lists.ximian.com wrote:
> From Microsoft:
> "Users interact with MSDE 2000 through the application in which it is
> embedded."
> "MSDE 2000 is designed to run on Microsoft WindowsR 98, Windows
> Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Microsoft Windows NTR Workstation
> version 4.0 (with Service Pack 5 or later), and Windows 2000
> Professional as an embedded database for custom applications that
> require a local database engine."

Have you ever installed or used it?

N:\>net start
These Windows services are started:

   Application Management
   Message Queuing
   Message Queuing Triggers
   Network Connections

The command completed successfully.

Those two MSSQL$ services are both MSDE instances.

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