[Mono-list] Building a layer beetween buisiness logic and GUI

Joe Mozelesky jmozelesky@netcarrier.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 21:00:32 -0400

I read through the article series on the "AAL" Application Automation
Layer that you linked.  So far with article #4 he has gotten to
generating a menu bar from an XML file.  It will be interesting to see
how he deals with generating a complete UI, say a data entry form, for
both Web and Windows Forms, mobile web, etc. from an XML spec.

But the AAL is a bit more than what I personally am looking for and I
believe it might be a bit more than what Jorg is looking for as well,
but at the same time doesn't fully address the idea of an independent UI
definition that then targets multiple widget sets basically.

Personally what I am interested in is just dynamically generating both
Windows.Forms and ASP.NET web forms.  This is easy enough...

But I think to have an adapter that can take some unified UI spec file,
and generate QT, _or_ SWF, _or_ GTK# user interfaces dynamically as Jorg
would like to do, is a pretty big project.

But in any event, at least in my web searches, I haven't found any
existing project or documentation that comes close to achieving the


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Marc Clifton on CodeProject is doing a whole scripted/automated GUI (+
DAL, etc) here is his article on GUI creation
http://www.codeproject.com/cs/menu/AAL-4.asp he has 3 other articles as
well which describe other components.

Have a look and see what you think.


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> logic and GUI
> The article I was thinking of is located at this link:=20
> http://www.codeproject.com/cs/miscctrl/DynamicForms.asp
> There is also a 2nd part.  But it seems the 3rd part was=20
> never published.
> On Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 03:13:16 PM, J=F6rg W=FCrzer wrote:
> > Hello mono community,
> >=20
> > I've got an existing configuration tool, which loads and saves some=20
> > xml files in the buisiness logic layer. The tool was designed under=20
> > windows/.net with an SWF GUI. Now I was porting this tool to=20
> > linux/mono. The GUI was redesigned using GTK# and Glade GUI=20
> Designer.=20
> > It worked well, so I was able to copy/paste most of the buisiness=20
> > logic. The most effort was done in adapting the buisiness=20
> logic from=20
> > SWF to GTK#. Now the tool works fine under Linux. For=20
> futher projects=20
> > I'm interested in developing a layer between the buisiness=20
> logic and=20
> > the GUI toolkit. This layer shows a constant interface to the=20
> > buisiness logic on the one side and different interfaces to the=20
> > different GUIs (SWF, GTK, QT, ...) on the other side.
> >=20
> > Now my questions:
> >=20
> > Is there any effort known at this time?
> > Is there a chance for me to do such things. I see some problems in=20
> > e.g. GUI element positioning (widget packing vs. absolute=20
> > positioning)? If this could be done, where can i find some=20
> > documentation?
> >=20
> > thanks in advance and keep going on,
> > J=F6rg W=FCrzer
> >=20
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