[Mono-list] Databind to SQLServer

Jones, Larry LJones@Lithonia.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 17:31:49 -0700

>From Microsoft:

"Users interact with MSDE 2000 through the application in which it is

"MSDE 2000 is designed to run on Microsoft Windows=AE 98, Windows =
Edition (Windows Me), Microsoft Windows NT=AE Workstation version 4.0 =
Service Pack 5 or later), and Windows 2000 Professional as an embedded
database for custom applications that require a local database engine."

Larry Jones
Hydrel/Lithonia Lighting

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> Dear James,
> I am not sure what your misunderstanding is but MSDE is a desktop
> engine, similar to the jet engine used for MS Access.  It is embedded
> in your program.

MSDE runs in it's own service - not embedded in your program. =
Essentially it
is a throttled version of SQL Server without the tools.