[Mono-list] RE: Tests

Paul Paximadis ppaximadis@websoft.co.za
Thu, 22 May 2003 10:37:41 +0200

The DTD worked fine in 0.24.

How can I see which classes are documented and are public that need
tests written ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Paul,

> Not sure if you want to test this - but I saw they differed to
> Eg. Windows System.Xml.XmlChildNodes  Linux
> System.Xml.XmlNodeListChildren

Thanks to write tests. I think that XmlChildNodes is not documented
class, so we don't have to write the same as MS.NET. (I know some=20
MS internal stuff. They are shown in the stack traces.) Such=20
information are sometimes informative, but is not "requirement."=20

I suggest to put aside other undocumented difference. There are
still many "public" use cases to test.

> The loading of an xml file with a DTD declaration seems to fall over
> mono(unless I have an older version - 023).

DTD parser is introduced in 0.24. If you can reproduce the bug,=20
please file it in bugzilla and/or post here detail. Now I doubt=20
my Uri solution is something wrong. I'll look at them later.

One workaround is set xmlTextReader.XmlResolver =3D null.

  Atsushi Eno