[Mono-list] MCS compiled libraries causing problems

Gopal . V gopalv82@symonds.net
Thu, 15 May 2003 00:30:43 +0530

Hi Miguel,
	I've been debugging for 2 days with a program which is having
resolution problems with similarly named classes in seperate assemblies.
I've been looking at the System.Data.dll compiled with MCS and 
have been seeing an internal class from System.Xml referenced in those.

The culprit here was System.Xml.MonoTODOAttribute ... in System.Data.dll 

I have contacted before about similar problems with the corlib.dll having 
classes referenced as 'mscorlib' ... In late February I think .. 

All the portable.net tools are having this problem with almost all MCS
compiled libraries using MonoTODO (except ildasm).. But CSCC compiled mono
libs don't seem to have this problem ... A CSCC compiled MCS is also 
generating these problems . 

Also I'm running into some problems running Managed C compiler output of
CSCC in mono JIT , though a friend has confirmed that it runs on .NET
correctly . I'll let you know when I arrive at a simple case (something
smaller than 1200 lines, at least :-)

Anyway wanted to say that mcs is referencing classes off runtime assemblies
rather than the /r: assemblies ... Curiously mono loaders don't seem to 
recognize this problem ?. (Strong naming might bring this out for mono , 
or is that also hacked around ?...)

sometimes a picture is worth a 100,000 words , literally ..