[Mono-list] Databind to SQLServer

Jones, Larry LJones@Lithonia.com
Tue, 20 May 2003 16:29:40 -0700


OK, I have posted it to Bugzilla.  As I have mention earlier, and =
in my report, the Pubs database always comes with a MS SQL Server =
Its a standard sample db for reference and testing.  I just used this =
in my
test code and it requires no setup whatsoever to run my test page, if =
actually test against a MS Sql Server.  Of course you need to replace =
with the real server name and file in the real 'password'.  So really =
easy to just copy my page throw it in a file and test it.

Larry Jones
Hydrel/Lithonia Lighting

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El vie, 16 de 05 de 2003 a las 08:38, Jones, Larry escribi=F3:
> I have done so many different versions of this I get confused.  I =
> <%@ Import Namespace=3D"System.Data.SqlClient" %>
> and I had=20
> <%@ Import Namespace=3D"System.Data" %>
> at one point.  (Seems like in the previous release this worked,...)  =
So, I
> added it back in, and now I don't get any data back.  Its essentially =
> same exact code as in my C# program, which does pull the data.  Heres =
> complete aspx page:

Instead of sending that page over and over, you could just file a bug
report in http://bugzilla.ximian.com (see also

Please, also attach the SQL needed to create the database and its

Thanks in advance.


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