[Mono-list] Building a layer beetween buisiness logic and GUI

Jörg Würzer Joerg.Wuerzer@ixos.de
Tue, 20 May 2003 15:13:16 +0200

Hello mono community,

I've got an existing configuration tool, which loads and saves some xml
files in the buisiness logic layer. The tool was designed under windows/.net
with an SWF GUI. Now I was porting this tool to linux/mono. The GUI was
redesigned using GTK# and Glade GUI Designer. It worked well, so I was able
to copy/paste most of the buisiness logic. The most effort was done in
adapting the buisiness logic from SWF to GTK#. Now the tool works fine under
For futher projects I'm interested in developing a layer between the
buisiness logic and the GUI toolkit. This layer shows a constant interface
to the buisiness logic on the one side and different interfaces to the
different GUIs (SWF, GTK, QT, ...) on the other side.

Now my questions:

Is there any effort known at this time?
Is there a chance for me to do such things. I see some problems in e.g. GUI
element positioning (widget packing vs. absolute positioning)?
If this could be done, where can i find some documentation?

thanks in advance and keep going on,
Jörg Würzer

p.s. sorry about bad english. hope you can decrypt it.