[Mono-list] Re: Visual Studio Project

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
14 May 2003 11:03:13 +0200

El mié, 14 de 05 de 2003 a las 10:00, ulas vural escribió:
> Hi,
> i have mod_mono-0.3.7 i use xsp for test pages. i want to give more
> information about my project.
> in visual studio .net project name is "linux". in this directory i
> have WebForm1.aspx Webform1.aspx.cs and a bin sub directory which
> contains a linux.dll
> in linux i copy all linux directory near xsp test pages (under
> server/test) because i make this directory default for aspx pages.
> then i give this command for compiling my dll
> mcs -t:library -r:System -r:System.Web -r:System.Drawing
> -r:System.Data WebForm1.aspx.xs
> "compilation succeded"
> i also copy this dll under bin directory then it gives me an error
> because of Autowireup and inherits because of my first line in
> Webform1.aspx i delete the related parameters from my line and the
> error message goes off. but apache locked when i try to open project.

There was a bug related to this that was fixed in CVS. I've uploaded a
System.Web.dll to http://primates.ximian.com/~gonzalo/mono/ just in case
you don't want to compile everything from CVS.